Your politics … It turns out that it means "hypersensitive Liberal.” Here's my response to … (used with a sing. verb) a. March 4 — To the Editor: I finally googled what "snowflake" means, when used as a political term. Synonym Discussion of politic. The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs. Did You Know? The verb that follows politics may be either singular or plural. tics (pŏl′ĭ-tĭks) n. 1. Left-wing politics typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished. Firstly, let me introduce to you to the original meaning of politics. No mean feat in the current political climate, but definitely worth our best effort. Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. Political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz include treatments of the modern fairy tale (written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900) as an allegory or metaphor for the political, economic, and social events of America in the 1890s. b. She was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2019. Politic definition is - political. Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions. verb) a. Christina Boswell is Professor of Politics and Dean of Research of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. Politics are the actions or activities concerned with achieving and using power in a country or society. 2. Political science. or pl. Many people think Nixon transformed American politics. Political party, a group of persons organized to acquire and exercise political power.Political parties originated in their modern form in Europe and the United States in the 19th century, along with the electoral and parliamentary systems, whose development reflects the evolution of parties.The term party has since come to be applied to all organized groups seeking political power, … (used with a sing. How to use politic in a sentence. He quickly involved himself in local politics. political beliefs, political leanings, political sympathies, political views, party politics, political alliance View synonyms 1.4 often the politics of The principles relating to or inherent in a sphere or activity, especially when concerned with power and status. This Section aims to improve our understanding of politics in a variety of contexts in the contemporary society. Abstract. The term is generally applied to behavior within civil governments, but politics has been observed in other group interactions, including corporate, academic, and religious institutions.