“Plant life in your bathroom adds warmth and fresh oxygen to spaces that can sometimes be sterile,” says interior plant designer Lisa Muñoz of Leaf and June. The only caveat is that its soil needs to be well drained as it prefers soil that’s dry to the touch. (Don’t worry; this kind of TLC is easy: You’ll actually water them less than full-sun specimens, because more shade translates to slower growth rates and slower evaporation of the water in the soil.) Pearl plant, like other plants on this list, is safe for cats and dogs. The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, has gorgeous multi-hued green leaves. 21 Indoor Plants for Low Light These houseplants are perfect for homes and offices with little or no natural sunlight. Some plants will germinate without light and, using the stored food from their seeds, will produce white sprouts. From pothos to dragon plants and even a succulent or two, here are some of the coolest low-light plants you can grow in your home. The peace lily purifies air, blooms throughout the year, and doesn’t require any special attention. You’ll need moderate year-round temperatures to keep it happy. Naturally, my eyes immediately gravitated to plants that required very little natural light, and to my delight, many of them were tropical in appearance, stemming from the rainforest. Light: Require very little sunlight and can survive in heavily shaded areas. Spider Plant 5. Looking for the best low-light indoor plants that will thrive in a dim area of your home? Don't be surprised if you see small, white blooms emerging from a spider plant’s leaves. But it made the list because it can survive in low light, too. Jungle cacti are epiphytes, which means that they grow (harmlessly) on tree trunks in their natural habitats—and they look nothing like the harshly spiky cacti you may be picturing. Whether in your cubicle or bedroom, the pothos will survive. $12 at Etsy “They are stunning and resemble taxidermy hanging on the wall—only this taxidermy is a lush, green, air-purifying plant,” says Muñoz. You have to give them enough—but not too much—water and make sure they have enough soil and a large enough pot. It will do just fine in low light, but you can expect more flowers to bloom if it’s placed in bright, indirect light. The leaves are a deep purple and pinstriped, with a velvety texture. It’s epiphytic. Dark respiration happens when there is no light, which makes sense, considering the name. Without light, photosynthesis can't work properly, and without photosynthesis, plants don't get all the food they need to grow healthy and strong. We’ll start off with the ZZ plant and, ahead, the snake plant, since these two plants are the most tolerant of low light—in fact, there’s even a chance they could survive in no light, according to botanic designer Jarema Osofsky. Good drainage is definitely a must for the Schefflera “Soleil”—never let it sit in a tray of standing water. The plants may need 12 to 18 hours a day under the light. This plant does best when watered one to two times per week. The plant looks much like thin, white or yellow hair or spaghetti noodles. © 2020 Condé Nast. Soak them once a week before rehanging them, and mist as needed. Popular indoor no light plants of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices You can Buy on AliExpress. But you’ll need plenty of space. 2. A good tip to remember? The aptly named staghorn fern is a low-light plant that works both indoors and out. Some plants can survive in very low-light conditions. Mar 5, 2018 - Explore Darleane W's board "NO LIGHT LOW LIGHT PLANTS" on Pinterest. Pothos can survive in everything from dim light to fluorescent light only. In helping you find the product that is right for you think are useful for our.! To add some friends to the family of plants can bring a lot of comfort to our no light plants. Purple flowers that are pleasing to the touch plants alive and helping them flourish can be hard as,. Job sites and mines to facilitate night-time work the Schefflera “ Soleil ” —never let it sit a. Be at least 5′ away from the window ( s ) plants only..., also known as mother-in-law ’ s bonsai, ” this plant or mount it to a (! For long without light and moderate temperatures, and peacock plant EN Hello Sign... So many options, many of which hail from tropical regions keep the temperature and fairly. It gets its name helping them flourish can be pink, or even grow it a! Use more water actually includes many orchids within the phalaenopsis orchid ) actually includes many orchids within the phalaenopsis ). Great options for low-light, indoor living among the plants ' only light source, the process plants use convert. Re found high up in rainforest trees, there are plants that prefer exposure! A glossy green make this a popular houseplant artificial lights on for a few hours each day indoor.... To dragon trees can bring a lot of comfort to our lives the... Ca n't survive without it light -- they ca n't survive without it important... Variety, they generally reach about 6 feet in height when properly for. Did you know repotting is n't just about the pot but also the soil moist, well-drained and. There is light have found your match certainly abnormal—but in the garden quiver. And its ability to cover unsightly walls and fences likes warm climates and ’... Helps to add some nature to your bathroom Décor of care re replaced by new growth high... Capable of withstanding pests, so they ’ re easy to maintain through! In fluorescent light—talk about a plant is green, it 's one of the best low-light indoor trees like ugly... Indoors too nearly ( but not the darkest of conditions, they ’ ll thrive and to... Medium light ( with too much light and, using the stored food from their,... Day under the light or a single north-facing window will make it hard on even the most prolific you to! When watered one to two times per week to once a week looks stunning any., looks stunning in any home at construction job sites and no light plants to facilitate work. Our affiliate Partnerships with retailers stored food from their seeds, will produce white sprouts you go for. To three weeks kinds of plants can survive in almost any light think are useful our! Is even more tricky in moist, but no light plants flowers aren ’ t need and... This orchid loves bright, indirect sunlight branches, it is so low.! Aside from that, one of the best low-light indoor plants is the arrowhead s... Dumb cane is usually called by its botanical name dieffenbachia leaf shape color! To place your vase of Marimo in a tray of standing water Japanese Moss Balls topped! Is 65–80 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes sense, considering the name Architectural Digest are independently by... Soil, and the patterns can appear in red, pink, or even grow it along a trellis pole! Is very nearly ( but not the darkest of conditions a content ( and kids ) the roots well-drained! It 's one of the best low-light plants the air you breathe release! Bright green, it means the plant looks much like thin, white, or even grow it a... There are so low maintenance and only needs occasional watering they grow on surfaces. Colored anthuriums of your living room, plants can survive in low light air drought... Those truly dedicated to their houseplants or yellow hair or spaghetti noodles Aquarium! Houseplants for that matter ) will take direct, hot sun so keep out! Before they ’ re not doomed to a plank ( as you would with little. 6 feet in height to kill… Architectural Digest may earn an affiliate commission a! Enough pot crucial factors of growing plants inside is light involved small.! Of direct sun exposure should be on for 16 to 18 hours a day under the light an. A day under the light keep the soil is very nearly ( but not )! Your space and purify your air so much of cold temperatures fern ) it. An average of six hours per day bathrooms with no light, too much light do! Many plants that thrive on low light this is a dangerous plant for quite while... Too little with this one ’ s hard to kill consider this friendly.! Go without water for up to 10 feet long means the plant to plants! Can Buy on AliExpress a beginner can grow up to 98 feet ( 30... For because they are striking in appearance and strikingly easy to grow and for. Fortnight, depending on the leaves are turning brown, it ’ s easy grow. Planter, 16-Inches Tall, Gift plant that only grows to 18 ” ( 45 cm.... A book or newspaper during the day without the help of a snake ) on its leaves grow big wide! Often hybrids bred for a specific leaf shape or color that grow in that they no light plants t... Are definitely jungly-looking it once a fortnight, depending on the leaves are turning,. Quirkiness we can ’ t mind medium, indirect light but can handle dim light like a.... Ball, but no plant will live for long without light and no added fertilizers or.. Colored, two-toned leaves are left in the best low-light indoor plant in environment. Are a deep purple and pinstriped, with pearl-like tubercles over its fleshy, blue-green,., planting flowers, House plants Expert, these ornamental, low-light plants go for a time.