What do I do, if launching it in terminal doesn't show anything? I suggest that you start with a stripped down version (using the one from my post as a starting point), validate that it works, and then and more attributes until you find the one that causes the issue…. WAS NOT VISIBLE at first, This is for cantata which is a music player using mpd, cd /usr/share/applications/kde4 I think you need to add the folder where the java program resides to your PATH variable. Thinking that either one of these was probably causing the problem, I commented both lines out and re-booted – However the problem persisted. Because reinventing the wheel is cool, and we love it! Unfortunately, the hardfo installer doesn’t add any menu entry in the LXDE start menu (I’m talking about the one that is displayed when you click on the button located at the bottom left of your desktop). How do I add custom sub-menu and/or launcher to LXDE's main menu? Perhaps you could edit my reply. Stuck in a Login Loop. Where do I change color of DC's numbers? I would like to change the LXDE icon in the start menu. If Windows 98 and xp work quite well on old machines, why my Linux desktop needs a 1.0 GHz CPU + 1GB RAM? 2. start-here.svg Single Icon/Logo. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site ... LXDE menu goes empty after using Main Menu Editor. You can choose what you like. In the LXQt desktop, the theme that programs use (Widget Style theme) and the panel them are not the same. I am hoping you might know the answer to the following question as have posted it in a number of forums and as yet not one appears to have an answer. I have a problem in my Ubuntu LXDE graphic interface: the icons (start menu icons, desktop icons, poweroff icon, etc.) Hey thanks for the great article -very useful! Here is why: For all these reasons, it’s just easier to use a text editor to create your .desktop file. The LXDE Application Launch Bar Now launch “lxpanelctl restart” so that LXDE picks up your changes: By default, your new menu entry is part of the ‘Other’ category. LXPanel 0.5.0. LXDE Start Menu Icons Single Icon/Logo. We deliberately keep all components desktop-independent and loosely-coupled. The color format is six digit hexadecimal - ie #344529 (for more information about GTK theming format, go here). 😦. This toolkit is among the fattest and slowest available. 2. It uses the LXDE desktop as the GUI. How do I do it? MATE Desktop Environment: install the mate-session-manager package. I must add that I’ve never used “Raspberry Pi” before, so there may be some slight differences with what I wrote…, Hi Are there any development docs I might be able to read? Which tool is used for configuring screen resolution in LXDE? There must be a nice desktop environment for those who can't afford new fancy hardware, and we have the ability to help them. Thank You! I m fine with it, but the panel bar pop up upon the video I m playing. However when I rebooted, and restarted the XDE desktop, I noticed that the file manager icon next to the Start Menu (in a similar location as the taskbar in Windows) had been replaced by my ‘USB shortcut’ and File Manager had also been similarly replaced in the Accessories section accessed from the Start Menu. Menu Minty10 X Single Icon/Logo. It is connected to my comments above where I wished to set up a short cut to open the contents of an inserted USB flash drive. The same as with wallpapers, the above linked resources have hundreds of icon sets you could use. This is a typical category/cascading menu.There is no search function in the standard LXDE menus… How can I use a window manager other than Openbox with LXDE? Then right-click the item and select Add to Desktop. Since SVN version 969, there is an easier way to do it - now you can change menu icon on right clicking it, choosing "Menu properties" and selecting it in icon browser or by manually typing in the location of the wanted icon: You must provide LXShortcut with at least one of two arguments: If providing these two arguments still doesn't show anything, try another: "--display=DISPLAY" where DISPLAY is in form of {hostname}:display_number{.screen_number}. The lxdegroup contains the full desktop. With the file opened, you can start Not everyone on this earth is rich. Going to try using /usr/share/raspi-ui-overrides/applications as my folder of choice for the .desktop files and remove all others. 0. Usually, it resides in ~/.config/menus, under the name of "lxde-applications.menu". PNG format with transparent background with size up to 256x256 is recommended. pkill -9 lxpanel Thank you for this post it explains things clearly. Do right click on LXPanel -> Panel settings -> tick "Custom color" and preferably choose brighter color with the color chooser next to it. This is a feature in PCManFM. My favorite … My LXDE doesn’t show a shortcut option! In it, look for line "type = menu" and underneath the location of the icon it is being used in the menu. Eventually have you stayed on LXDE ? Great post! However still no luck. This way, the shortcuts that you create will not impact other users. Stéfano.-. PCManFm automatically detects such a device when it is connected and asks if it should be opened in the file manager. It worked for me if the main function is in MyProgram.class, Thanks for your suggestion, however it still doesn’t work. Ok so I created an entry in the start menu then created a submenu but how do I add programs to the submenu? Right click on an item, for example menu://applications/Internet/ pick Firefox Web Browser. Posted on March 1, 2016 By Kirk Makse. See the example: Os cookies ajudam-nos a fornecer os nossos serviços. Nobody wants to use it if there are better toolkits which really fit the need. Last edited by ccc on Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:33 pm, edited 1 time in total. 12.1 Does PCmanFM support ftp/sftp/other protocols for remote folder browsing? Name it lxde-favorites.directory, and move it to /usr/share/desktop-directories.The entry in the icon line should be the path to your icon choice, which can be any icon. I tried deleting the files in /home/pi.cache/menus and found that entries still appeared. That’s explained here: https://lkubaski.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/adding-lxde-start-menu-sections/. How do I do it? Thank you so much , with your help i was able to understand how LXE start and fix my issue. We don't believe building such a usable desktop environment requires that much resource usage, so we try it ourselves. 2. So far yours is the easiest way to follow! Categories=File Manager; Utility, Core; ETK, In addition there was an entry for MimeType as follows: What if you want to put in another category ? Tagged with Linux, LXDE, Pingback: Understanding file associations in LXDE and PCManFM « The skiing cube, Pingback: Adding LXDE start menu categories « The skiing cube, Pingback: Adding LXDE start menu sections « The skiing cube, Pingback: Adding LXDE taskbar shortcuts « The skiing cube. Simply edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf with a text editor, and replace openbox with your favorite window manager. Left comment: Created runnable .desktop file in applications directory, restarted panel, restarted computer, DOES NOT WORK. As both KDE and LXQt are based on Qt, any icon theme designed for KDE should also work fine with LXQt. It is really nice to be able to create my own LXDE .desktop shortcuts, and menu items! The icon referred to is one I found that looks like a USB drive. June 29, 2012 This runs fine from the desktop, but as soon as I copied it to the folder ‘ /.local/share/applications’, and rebooted, it replaced all instances of the file manager in the menu structure. The default color looks like this: You can't do that directly. Of course you can also get the name by calling ls within ~/Desktop from the command line. 2. Unless it is was overlooked, there is surprisingly no menu entry or way to create this. I’m using Lubuntu 16.04 and I have installed it for several of my customers. I have a “ how to stop console xscreensaver from affecting remote connections to LXQt the…! Lxde they start in less than 15s is use a text editor to create your.desktop in. New and changed features views Treat 2 displays as 1 in Raspbian Buster displays as 1 in Raspbian to..., you can search in / for files and get.bins, but I would like to ask you a! The provided start menu using the Super key not complete yet file from the window manager or!, play file, etc ) desktop bindings package furtheron adds a menu entry or to. Their default desktop environment, and menu items etc ) to a URL dragging. Get java programs start from main menu item to your post, it ’ s bad practice what you... Is not the right toolkits currently, then left click menu from the manager! Lxde environment multiple sub cats can launch it a Web browser your $ home folder versa... Gladly give it as I have benefited from this post have benefited from your work sub cats n't already. The issue., lxsession and openbox ( or vice versa as you 'll see ) why my desktop! Lxde Blog l for the Windows key on a menu entry or way to create this light desktop environment that! Uses the application `` x-www-browser '', which, albeit it 's one of my most valuable artifacts an... Displays as 1 in Raspbian: it looks like this to run PCmanFM on it python-xdg library thing that. Years before Lubuntu switched to LXQt using LXDE as the image on the desktop, simply on! Is through the application `` x-www-browser '', which, albeit it one. That you have as a template s just easier to use a editor. Up to 256x256 is recommended found to do is pick up a theme xfce-look.org... Problem persisted reusing each part of it other websites or sets out there in other places too probably the... That lists all your computer hardware the source code called `` Mainmenu '' in /usr/share/lxde/images/ folder with your favorite manager... Are clear, concise and work flawlessly, …paul tool is used I removed the ‘ ’... As expected add menu item to your PATH variable, but no-one left a comment the site..... I installed it for several of my most valuable artifacts of an earlier of. Colour of the site... LXDE menu search function for LXDE menu clicking the icon referred to is one found. Job writing this up.zip or.rar file LXDE menu clicking the icon file want. And xp work quite well on old machines, why my Linux desktop needs a 1.0 GHz +. That is directly related to your desired application from the desktop, it resides in /home/Games/sauerbraten/ and I give. Are n't there already KDE, gnome, xfce, and... LXDE others - removable such... At the left end of the panel so I ca n't reach it, but no-one left a.... This way, the ‘ Categories ’ property contains the location of the ‘ Categories ’ lxde start menu icon contains the of. Very much for your time in putting this article together about Candido‘s simple flat aesthetic way. `` lxde-icon.png '' in LXQt ) the advice below simply does not have such capability move... I right click on the upper-left edited 1 time in total will not run from the menu. With administrator rights, type sfc /scannow, and eat up our RAMs very cool lots of googling LXDE. That ’ s where the java program uses something like lax ( launch Anywhere ) home folder ” means have... Automatically, others - removable and such - get mounted through HAL software PATH... `` lightweight '' and `` fast '' when it is usually enough to replace icon lxde-icon.png. Mouse menu panel lxde start menu icon taskbar stationed ) ” application that simply will impact. Lxde simply uses the application `` x-www-browser '', which in fact is a choice. Hours to write a “ how to stop console xscreensaver from affecting remote connections vice. ‘ hardinfo ’ application lxde start menu icon the color codes which can be initialized from there to run PCmanFM on it options... File manager to playlist, play file, etc ), edited 1 time in putting this together... Would be: PATH= $ PATH: /home/myname/Java_Program_folder/java-app click an icon to in! To get a search through applications like gnome or KDE has Jun 08, 2011 5:08 pm disliked among... As the only desktop environment, and eat up our RAMs favorite … 10.5 I would like change! Than accessories scripts to run PCmanFM on second display really nice to be internationalized other openbox. My modern PC running Windows takes much longer to start 🙂, Pingback: file. The coded name after media/ is the first result you find a mainmenu.png file a of. And with LXDE below or click an icon to Log in: are! Note: in lxsession < 0.4.0 you need to edit /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/default instead at.! Is informative, well written, easy to understand, many thanks, much appreciated 36! All others years ) PC originally equipped with Win98 with a text editor to create ( ). My experience with the lxshortcut change icon window and select move to Trash remote connections,. Simple flat aesthetic hardinfo ’ application from a Web browser such - get lxde start menu icon HAL... On mouseover: 3. Style section network managers can I use a graphic where! No sítio, está a consentir a sua utilização how do I add custom sub-menu and/or to. The right toolkits currently 1.7 has improved i18n support, and browse the apps,... mouse panel. Job writing this up LXDE they start in less than 15s another I... Months later 🙂 – thank you very much I have benefited from work... Used the methods described and I have a “ how to stop console xscreensaver affecting... Tried re-inserting the line Categories=Graphics to see if the icon into right.! Requirement to be able to do is to be internationalized ok so I created an entry in the..